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Ad Gefrin Whisky Distillery and Anglo-saxon museum opens

England's newest and most northernly distillery has now opened to the public.

Ad Gefrin celebrates and showcases the unique heritage, ancient hospitality, and contemporary crafts, arts and produce of Northumberland. It also re-awakens the Northumbrian tradition for whisky distilling that has slept for over 200 years through the use of traditional methods supported by modern technology. Discovered in the 1950s, the historic site of Yeavering was uncovered revealing a hugh complex of large timber halls, royal quarters and a unique wooden grandstand. Standing in front of the hearth in the recreation of the Great Hall at Ad Gefrin, visitors will be swept up in the rich stories of the time, through cutting-edge, immersive AV technology that will take guests on a journey through history bringing the people of the time to life. The beating heart of Ad Gefrin is the distillery which will be creating the first Northumbrian English single malt whisky utilising oak washbacks and Forsyths copper pot stills. You can read more about Ad Gefrin and plan your visit and tour by visiting the their website



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